Free Calendar – Great 2012 Christmas Gift

Free Calendar

Free personalized Photo Calendar – just pay shipping of $5.32 . 

Each year we like to look back over the year and choose our favorite photos to make them into next years wall calendar.

And after we all laugh and giggle over who has which month, we make them for all of our grandparents, aunts and uncles and such. Each year they hang their new calendars on the wall next to their office or phone. And each time our kids see their picture on the wall they each get so excited.

Free Calendar

Right now you can make a free desk or wall calendar. To make yours

  • Click Here 
  • Choose which one you would like
  • Design your calendar
  • Choose how many you would like
  • Choose if you want any extra add on at the cost shown
  • Choose your shipping. The cheap shipping says 21 days, but ours have always come with in a week to 10 days. But it is just guaranteed for 21. Either way you have plenty of time still!
Free personalized Photo Calendar – just pay shipping of $5.32 .