FREE glasses on their way ~ You can do this too!!!~ Just pay shipping cost from Coastal Contacts

OUCH! Glasses are not Thrifty and if you have insurance it often only covers one pair. This is the case with my daughter’s glasses.
I saw this offer from Coastal Contacts and decided ‘WHY not!’.
I only pay shipping and if they don’t fit right then I can return them and try again.

Get your first pair of glasses FREE from Coastal Contacts (shipping averages about $13.00, mine was under $10).
Use code: FIRSTPAIRFREE (includes standard lenses) to get the deal.
Try them on at home and if it the frames don’t fit, return shipping is free!

Fine print:

  • Available for first time glasses customers only.
  • Shipping charges up to $20 apply. Lenses upgrades and coatings are available at additional cost.

I am sharing my shopping experience:

I got a copy of my daughters prescription, measurement of her current glasses that fit and the doctors office was even nice enough to measure her P.D. however if you don’t know that measure they give instructions on how to get that done.

Measure your PD

My daughter is not an easy fit; she has a wide face (like her mama), plugging in those measurement from her current glasses narrowed down our selection and time spent looking at glasses that wouldn’t fit anyway.

Coastal size

In fact they have several handy tools and tipsTips to find the right fit

So once I entered all the information required to get my sweet daughter some extra glasses for the cost of SHIPPING!!!

I used the FIRSTPAIRFREE code and saved $50!!!

Final cart with offer code