Free printable I Lived lyrics

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If you haven’t heard this song, you really should listen to it.  It has been my favorite for a while and I really love the message. As a mom, I really want my kids to feel this way and to live their lives no matter what comes at them. It is a beautiful song that I wanted to display in my home. I waited far too long to create my printable.  Nevertheless, here it is! I hope you enjoy this song too. And if it is new to you, take a second and read the lyrics. With all the filth and degrading messages in many songs anymore, this one is the type of music we need more of! It is now displayed in my family room where I know it will be seen and hopefully the message will sink in. If you want your copy, here is the pdf!

I lived by One Republic printable

I lived free printable, free printable, printable, I lived, One Republic