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With the stress of the holiday shopping season quickly building don’t let it get to you. Stress can lead to mood swings, family issues soon to regret and even health problems. Stress can cause acid production in your stomach to amplify! If that happens then things in your body can start to trouble you. With high acid production you can start to develop ulcers and even problems with heart burn. Heart burn is the acid raising up into your esophagus and damaging the esophagus or the tube going from your stomach to your throat. At night it can even travel into your lungs and cause aspiration pneumonia. Which is what the doctors think is happening to Sarah. A quick way to stop these problems before they start is to take an acid blocker. These are call H-blockers or acid production blockers. You can get a free sample of Prilosec OTC HERE. Prilosec is an OverTheCounter medicine that stops the over production of acid. Which then aides in the stopping of heartburn, ulcers caused by acid erosion and many other acid related issues.

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