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I have been collecting e-books from bookbub now for a couple of months now.

There is No costs to signup and start getting your e-mails ASAP ~ only pay for books you buy.

BookBub alerts you to fantastic limited-time offers that are available for Kindle, Nook, iPad, Google Play, Kobo, Smashwords, Barnes & Nobles, Sony to name a few. You can get these applications on your tablets, smart phones even your computers.

what bookbub works with

WHY waste time trying to find find FREE or discounted e-books? Just have them delivered to your in-box.

With BookBub you get:

  • Free or Deeply Discounted (sometimes as much as 90% off)
  • Top Quality Books that are bestsellers or written by bestselling authors and have received strong reviews from critics and readers.
  • Limited-Time Offers, so if you like it don’t dally (if you change your mind you can always delete later)
  • Matching Your Interests ~ customize which types of books you like so your inbox doesn’t get clogged with unwanted deals. There are MANY categories or genre’s offered.

Signing up takes less than 30 seconds (no credit card needed), and BookBub will never rent or sell your email address to anyone.

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