Freebies 101

FREE ?????
I think we all put up a red flag when we hear the word free. ?I will be the first to tell you there are a lot of gimmicks out there. ?So read and be care full before you go giving personal info out. But there are a lot of great companies out there willing to give you things TOTALLY FREE. ?Just so you all know anything I post I have checked out, signed up myself and try to make sure it is worth your time. ?I just pass along the deals I see, please use your own judgement.
Here are a few tips when signing up for freebies, Samples, Entering contests or Downloads.
  • Make a 2nd email account– You will find that as you sign up for free products or contests, that you will start to receive A LOT more spam. ?But you will also get more offers for coupons, and other use full info. ?I would HIGHLY recommend that you take a few minutes and set up a 2nd email account. ?Use a free email service, ?and use this as you enter in give aways, surveys and contest. ?This way you can have your personal email account free of all the extra mail.
  • Don’t give out to much personal info– You will need to give them your name, address, phone and email. ?Many companies want a lot more info too, they want to know, birth dates, how many kids you have, and much more. ?They want this info to find out more about the people that are using their product. ?So if they ask how many kids I have I tell them, BUT if they ask their names, will use a different name. ?I don’t think anyone needs to know what my kids names are, ?just for a free bar of soap. ?When they ask for my birthday I always give them the the correct month and year but I change the “real” day. This helps protect my personal info. NEVER give out your credit card or SS# for a giveaway, unless you have done a lot of homework and know its legitimate.
I hope this info helps! Let me know if you have any tips I could add.