Frozen Toys….Thrifty fun!

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Thanks to Karma for passing along this great idea!  I am looking forward to trying it with my own kids!

ice-cube-toysPhoto Credit Make and Takes

Here is an idea for free, or very thrifty, family fun:

Buy some small, inexpensive toys, like sets of animals or dinosaurs, cowboys and Indians, princess jewelry, etc or just find some at home. I personally just get out all the little toys from the bottom of the toy box that they haven’t seen for while. It’s best if you have some that float and some heavier ones that sink.

Freeze them in water in any size pan or dish. I use a disposable pie pan for my littler ones and a 9×13 for my older one. Wait 2-3 days so they are good and frozen, then get them out, put the pan on a towel, and give your kids a medicine dropper and a cup of warm water. Watch them “discover” the toys and “dig” them out so they can play with them!

Besides emptying their pan and refilling their cups every once in awhile, there’s not much you have to do but enjoy your kids!