Get a picture of Santa in your home!

SantaCatch him in the act! Snap a photo of Santa in your home with this cute idea of imposing Santa over one of your photos!

  • For $10 on Totsy, you’ll get four custom images and videos of Santa Claus from (a $24.98 value).
  • With iCaughtSanta, you can create digital proof that Santa Claus does exist and that he came to your home!
  • Using iCaughtSanta’s digital photo software, you can explore different poses of Santa Claus — find him checking the naughty list, placing presents under the tree, enjoying milk and cookies, or even passed out on the sofa and many more!
  • You can even let Rudolph the Reindeer join in on the fun — find fun poses of Santa and Rudolph, Rudolph in the snow, and more!
  • You’ll also receive animated videos with Santa exploring your photos!