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nature2010 is in full swing and with February here we know that the warm spring months are just ahead.  Yet, we also know that to get to spring, we still need to deal with the last month or two of winter weather.  To help make this easier for Moms everywhere, Nature Rocks has created a Winter Wonderland Activity Guide.
Nature Rocks is a nationwide program focused on empowering families to get involved with nature, as this leads to happier, healthier and smarter kids.  From it’s robust website and series of activity guides – such as the Winter Wonderland Activity Guide – Nature Rocks can help anyone get their families to explore and enjoy nature.
The Nature Rocks Winter Wonderland Activity Guide has ideas for families that live in areas that have lots of snow or who enjoy snow-free winters.  From 30-minute activities to full-day adventure, this guide gives you the ideas and instructions to get outside with ease.  Experts say that what kids want more than anything else is time with their parents. To give them that, don’t just send them out to play — go play with them! Click here to view the free PDF info pack