Get Carbonite Backup for free with promotion

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We have all heard of the program Carbonite. Either on radio ads or TV or magazines. Did you know that it is secured with the state of the art protection and security walls. Carbonite can back up Windows and Mac computers. And you can access your back upped info on your smart phones too!

I have over 350 gb of photos and videos on my laptop. And I’m sure you are like me where at some point in your life you have had a computer fail and you have lost all of your important files. Well have you realized that many of those important files are your family memories! Photos, video’s special events, marriage documents, and financial forms!

Don’t get caught in the dark and loose all of those precious memories and files! Right now you can get an entire year of computer backup for only $59 for the year.  That’s only $4.92 per month! That’s less then a Big Mac meal!

ALSO right now if you sign up HEREyou will get 2 free months – So that is 14 months for only $59!

So how do you get it for free? After you sign up you will get a referral link in your Account Summary tab. Click the “Refer a Friend” link and for every friend you sign up you will get a $10 Amazon Gift card! Refer 6 friends and you will have $60 in gift cards to buy what ever you want on Amazon or one of their associated companies!

This program just started and they said it will stop with out notice – so Hurry and start referring it to your friends!