Guest Post: On Staying Healthy

Thanks to My Bloggy Friend Lori at Moms By Heart for this Guest post.


Ginger over at Attention Target Shoppers just wrote a great post on this subject and inspired me to do the same. Here is my perspective as a nurse and as a mom on the swine flu. First off, stop over HERE to get the facts. Follow the advice HERE to stay healthy.

Influenza is a virus and viruses are not technically alive until they enter a living cell of the host. Basically they are just DNA encased in a shell. So how do you kill something that isn’t alive? A few answers:
~You don’t have to kill it, you just have to prevent it from entering your body. One of the most common way it enters your body is hand to mouth. So wash your hands a lot. The other way it enters your body is when an infected person coughs or sneezes, they “spray” fluid containing the virus which can enter your body through your eyes, nose or mouth.
~If you’re concerned about surfaces, look for cleaning products that specify they are effective against viruses. I use them on all commonly touched surfaces: doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, hand railing, sink knobs, toilet, etc. Many are antibacterial but are largely ineffective against viruses. Here are a couple that work:

Clorox Wipes – coupon HERE
Lysol Disinfectant Spray, Wipes, All Purpose Cleaner (pourable and trigger) – many coupons from 4/26 SS

You may want to consider purchasing a few extra and donating them to your childs classroom and/or emailing the principal with a link to the Clorox Wipes freebie (above) so he/she can share it with staff and parents.

Strains of influenza result in deaths each year. Historically, those affected are the very old, the very young and the immunocompromised. The difference is that this is a nasty strain and it seems to be spreading fairly rapidly. Protect yourself and your family by keeping your immune system healthy by eating foods rich in:
Vitamin C – boosts the level of infection fighting white blood cells
Vitamin D – increases production of antimicrobial agents in the body.
Vitamin E – makes natural killer cells that will seek out and destroy germs in the body.
Zinc – increases immune response and helps the body kill germs more effectively.
Bioflavonoids – fill up cell receptors preventing germs from entering your cells. Food: green teas, garlic, wine, peppers, citrus fruit, blueberries, dark chocolate.

Great resource is the book or website: Super Foods Rx.

Mostly, don’t panic. It is God and not this virus who is in control.
I remember listening to a missionary at our church talk about being held at gunpoint in a certain country for spreading God’s Word. As they threatened to pull the trigger, he calmly said: “You are not in control of whether I live or die. Nothing can happen to me unless God ordains it. If it isn’t my time to go, there is nothing you can do to take my life. If it is, I’ll go regardless of what you do”. WHAT FAITH!