How F-Secure Safe can protect your family #FSecureSAFE

In today’s world nearly everything is connected to the internet. A few years ago it was just science fiction ideas. Today it is a reality. You can lock your house from your smartphone on a beach in the Caribbean and answer the door while seeing in real time who is actually at the door. Even coffee machines, air conditioner and furnaces, just about everything in your entertainment system, and even your fridge are all connected to your home internet. Having more and more items in your home connected to the internet can in fact make life easier. And if for some reason someone hacks into your coffee maker its nor big deal if they make a fresh batch of coffee, but what about our kids. We have five kids from fourteen down to almost two. My oldest loves watching sports and playing online games. My second oldest loves learning facts online and watching funny YouTube videos. Even my youngest who is only 23 months old loves to watch funny kid shows on YouTube. Even at her age she can turn on my phone, flip through the apps till she finds her YouTube app, sign in to an account and scan through the videos till she finds her favorite videos. It’s amazing how young kids today are so computer and internet savvy.

So how do we give our family the technological freedom to learn and progress in the online world without sacrificing safety and security for not only our children but even our expensive devices? Sure we can sit right next to our kids and watch their every search and action online. Or we could have only one computer and never use smartphones or other devices. A cyber security company can protect you from hackers. The point in history where there is only one device that connects to the internet was written in history twenty years ago because in today’s world everything is connected and everyone has a phone, even elementary kids. So what is the best way to protect our family, our children and our expensive devices? It can be stressful trying to figure out which devices or programs that are the best for our needs. There are so many different options and different programs that only work with this or that device.

SAFE_5devices_reflectionWhy F-Secure SAFE is the best security for all devices

Why should we have to buy different protection programs that only work on certain devices? Why should we buy one program to protect our devices from viruses and malware and then another program for browsing protection and parental control? F-Secure SAFE does all the above for all devices. It simplifies everything we need to protect our family and devices from all angles. F-Secure SAFE protects from the latest viruses, malware, spyware, stop hackers and identity thieves, online protection for your family from unwanted content, block unwanted text or calls, protection for online shopping and banking, even locating your device if stolen and protecting your files if stolen as well. I’m telling you it does everything. I wonder if it will even wash the dishes? May the next update, who knows!

Now you can purchase one program that won’t bog down your device with all kinds of separate programs trying to do what just one program can do. Shop online, let your kids watch their favorite subscriptions on YouTube, and never worry about what your kids are watching or if your banking accounts are being stolen or if there’s a virus on your computer. And if your phone is stolen or lost your files and security information on it will be save and secure. So set your parental controls, sit back on what ever device you have and enjoy your family and don’t worry if your youngest is programming her own app’s, who knows.

And right now you can get


Try it out, use it, and they give you tons and tons of time to see how safe it really is! You’ll love it and will feel and be so much safer then ever!

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Supported platform and devices for F-Secure SAFE:

  • Android tablets and phones
  • iOS, Mac OS X
  • PC, laptops
  • Windows smartphones and tablets

This post is sponsored by F-Secure SAFE as part of a AllStar campaign. All opinions expressed are my own.