How to have our posts show up in your news feed, not just on your side feed?

How many of you like us on Facebook?  But the real question is how many of  you actually SEE what we post on facebook?  Facebook is always changing the rules and even though we have 68,746 people that like our facebook page.  For each post we list they will only show it to about 2% of the people who like our page… unless we PAY to promote each post.  Well since I am not Oprah, I am not able to pay to promote my posts…. which means MOST OF YOU will never see them 🙁

I got this message from a reader …

Hey can you tell me how to have your posts show up in my news feed, not just on my side feed? I want to see all these deals!

The good news is there is a way let facebook know you would like to see more of our posts. You will need to

1st ~ You need to head to our A Thrifty Mom Facebook Page 

2nd ~ Click the little blue tab on the top far right of our page

3rd~ Click the add to Interest Lists link, create a list and name it… and your done!

Other ways you can tell Facebook you WANT TO SEE OUR posts is to Like our posts, Share our posts or Leave and comment on our post.


We do post a lot of deal on Facebook that we do NOT post on our site! We do fun giveaways, post silly pictures and chat with our readers.  We would love to have you come be part of all the facebook fun, so you do not miss out on all the deals. It only takes a second to add us to your interest lists.