How to make Fried Bread or funnel cake – Easy recipe

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IMG_2867-300x225How to make Fried Bread or Funnel Cake – Easy Recipe

Quite often we get emails and comments on Facebook on how to make Fried Bread. Many people call it Fried Bread or Navajo Bread in the west. And in the east we called it Funnel Cakes. Both can be found at carnivals and state fair vendors. All in all it is the same recipe and cooked in hot oil. One version is a larger doughnut bar shape and the other is dropped into the oil using a funnel to create “tubes” or smaller doughnut pieces that give more edge to the breading. Both can be eaten different ways. You can pour powdered sugar over both. You can drizzle honey on either one. The “fried bread” can be cut through the middle like slicing a bread roll and jams or creams can be layered inside of it.
No matter what you do with this sweet bread dessert, when eaten it hits the spot! It is easy to make, easy to cook, and easy to eat!
Make it as an activity night with the family and envolve the kids mixing and pouring their favorite toppings on it. Part of the fun is trying to figure out how many different toppings you can come up with that make it taste so good!
Our easy step by step recipe for Fried Bread or Funnel Cake recipe