How we usually post deals

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I know sometimes it can be confusing as to our order of posting. I wanted to give you an example as to how we “usually” post about sales for stores in our area.

Like Walgreens for example. We first put up a post that is a basic layout of what the item is, the sale cost and coupon links involved, then move down to the next item. There usually aren’t any photos, and if there is then its a generic manufacture photo.

Like this post back on Dec 19th

We normally post just the items on sale on Saturdays.

After we post what the items are on sale we then post the photos of what we got in that sale. These items are laid out in a large photo showing all the items we got on a particular shopping trip.
Like this post we did on Dec 27th Which was posted on Dec 27th that showed the items we already posted about on Dec 19th.