HUGE clothing sale ~ Girls Sizes 6 months to 12 years 80% off retail

Chic on a Shoestring clothing sale

My friend Alicia from Chic On A Shoe String, is having a HUGE girls clothing sale. Sizes 6 months to 12 years old all 80- 90% off retail.  HURRY and see what lots she has left.  Share with anyone looking for a great deal in girls clothing.

Selling Unused Girl Clothes
I’m a wardrobe stylist with just one daughter to dress up! I always thought I would have another and kept on buying girl clothes, putting them in storage, hoping and waiting for another daughter, which never came. I have finally decided that I can’t justify using this much storage space for clothes that weren’t being worn, so I’m selling them all.Chic on a Shoestring clothing sale

With my degree in Clothing and Textiles, I know how to keep clothing in great shape. And that’s how I’ve treated these clothes because I thought a future daughter would be wearing them, so I stored them in air-tight containers, out of direct light and in an insulated room so they never got too hot or cold.

I’ve broken the clothes up into lots determined by clothing size, season and type, then I’ve styled them with their coordinating pieces. The clothes are sizes 6 months to 12 years with shoes, sandals and boots. Now I want your beautiful girls to wear them.Chic on a Shoestring clothing sale

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! When you get your order and if you’re not thrilled with the quality of these clothes, just return them to me for a full refund…no questions asked.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Please forgive the unprofessional photographs. I just pulled the clothes out of the vacuum bags, put them on a white comforter and climbed up a ladder and took the photos. Some of them have a funky, bluish shadows that look like dirt, but they are just shadows. These clothes are unworn with tags on many of them, but I’m selling them for roughly 90% off of what I paid.