Huge Kamrt toy sale till end of Nov

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kmart1031coupons-300x225Kmart just sent out a toy catalog with over a $175.00 worth of coupons. All of the following coupons are KMart store coupons and they start on Sunday, October 31st through November 24th. Just in time for Christmas!So keep your eyes open for the insert.

Coupons Inside the Toy Catalog

$5.00 off U Build Monopoly, U Build Sorry or U Build Connect 4
$5.00 off Lego Hero Factory Blaze Bike or Lego World Racers Race Car
$5.00 off Kung Zhu Battle Arena
$5.00 off Hot Wheels criss Cross Crash or RC Stealth Rides
$5.00 Bratz Talking Doll or Moxie Girlz Magic Snow Cabin
$5.00 off Baby Alive All Gone Dolls
$5.00 off Select Liv After School Dolls, Liv After School Cool Playset, Liv Eco-Lodge
$5.00 off Any Pictured Chuck Truck (Chuck’s Stunt Park, Rumblin’ chuck Truck, Chuck’s Bridge Stunt Set, Chuck Wheel Pals 15 pack)
$5.00 off Tron Deluxe Light Cycle or Toy Story Action Links Deluxe Playset
$5.00 off Tag Alien
$5.00 off Alphie Robot
$5.00 off Orbeez Magic Maker
$5.00 off Barbie Video Girl Doll
$5.00 off Furreal Go Go My Walkin’ Pet
$5.00 off Loopz or Apples to Apples party Game
$5.00 off Cars Wrastlin’ Ring or Pinston Cup Garage

$10.00 off Thomas Zip ‘n Zoom Logging Adventure Playset or Thomas World of Sodor Complete Playset
$10.00 off Matchbox Stinky the Garbage Truck
$10.00 off Bakumeter, Ultimate Weapon Dragonoid, TRA Battle Ops Bumblebee, Star wars Hailfire Droid Vehicle
$10.00 off Tonka Monster Ricochet RC
$10.00 off IM2 Real walking Iron Man or TS3 Deluxe Wing Pack
$10.00 off Tangle Fairytale Tower

$15.00 off Air Hogs Hawk Eye, TS Andy’s Toy Sheriff Woody or Buzz Lightyear

$20.00 off Mattel Mindflex

20% off Moon Dough Small theme Kit Assortment or Magic Barnyard

Additional Special’s Listed Inside Catalog

B1G1 FREE wyb Play Doh Fun Factory Get Play Doh 4 pack FREE

15% off Leapster Explorer Software: Dora the Explorer (1663920) or Penguins of Madagascar (1663921)

Save $15.00 on any Nerf purchase of $60.00 or more and you will get a FREE Nerf Ammo 16 pack wyb any product listed (value of $4.99) limit of 5. Only the items listed below:

Nerf Stampede (2351803) @ $49.99
Nerf N-Strike Deploy CD-6 (1955056) @ $19.99
Nerf N-Strike Longstrike (58098111) @ $34.99
Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire (43675899) @ $29.99
Nerf N-Strike Recon CD-6 (95006911) @ $19.99
Nerf N-Strike Vulcan (68921811) @ $39.99

Thanks Cheapest Mom for putting this list together