I hate to run…. but this was worth it #5K

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girls on the run 5kIt seems like running is the new  “Thing To Do”…. don’t  believe me? Take a look at your facebook page scroll down a bit and almost everywhere you look someone is running a 5k, doing a half marathon, doing a color run or posting photos of themselves at the gym. To all those people I say, GOOD FOR YOU.  But that is NOT my idea of fun…. I hate running.  Once upon a time I liked it.  But now I feel like my feet are stuck to the floor and it takes everything inside me to jog a mile.  After i am done my ankles ache, my teeth hurt and I want to take a nap.

I know, I know… shame on me for not loving exercise.  What is wrong with me, I guess I am just lazy.  I am just fine with all you loving, living and breathing it…. but I just am not that into it.

That being said…… I ran I 5k last week.  Well I should say I jogged/waddled/ forced myself to move a 5k last week.   WHY, on earth would I do such a thing?  Was I somehow inspired to love this new hobby all my friends seem to cherish.  Did I give in to peer pressure? Heck, NO. Then why did I do it?

Two months ago my 9 year old joined an after school group called Girls On The Run.  It teaches girls self esteem, fitness and more.  It also works them up to running a 5k.  They ran in Boise at night… she informed me she could do it herself.  But there is NO WAY I was going to let her run alone, so it was time to get my lazy rear end in shape and run with her.

I did not want to do it. But if you  put my kids in front of me, I will try and do just about anything to support them and protect them. So we ran… and I have to admit it was fun.  The running part was still dreadful (hey don’t judge me, at least I did it lol). But being with my daughter was FUN, spending time with  her and running along side her in something she likes to do was pretty much awesome.  Now lets just hope she doesn’t want to become a marathon runner… cause I am pretty sure I would kill over on the side of the road  if I tried to do that:).