Idaho Press Tribune in Boise area


I am sure most of you have heard about the great deal you can get with the Idaho Press Tribune Paper.  The  A Thrifty Mom paper deal is only  $13.20 a month you can get the daily paper and 4 Sunday papers.   Or you can add up to 6 Sunday paper if you want for only .60 cents more per paper.  This is a great deal being that the news stand price is $1.00 or $2.00 for the Statesman.  The Idaho Press Tribune has a large delivery area, but still does not cover all of the Boise area.  As of right  now they go as far as Maple grove and Fairview on the North side of the freeway.  They want to continue to expand to all of Boise, they just need a few more people in that area to sign up and they will open a new delivery route.

So if you want the Idaho Press Tribune for only .60 cents make sure you call Greg at 208- 870-2784 and let him know you want the Idaho Press Tribune in your area.  He will put your name on a list and when enough people call they will open a new area.