It’s the little things ~ Mommy Moments

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I was in a hurry trying to get dinner on the table, I had a horrible head ache, I was tired and well… rather grumpy.  I had a 2 year old screaming on the floor because his brother was sitting in the “seat” he wanted. Three things cooking on the stove at once, 4 kids all asking me questions at and all I wanted was some QUIET so I could finish dinner and get my kids to bed.

My 5 year old daughter was tapping on my leg, and calling my name over and over.  I was so distracted I did not even acknowledged her for a few minutes.  Then finally I looked down and trying not to be too grumpy asked her WHAT she wanted.

” Mommy I want to help you with dinner”

The first thing I wanted to say was, I did not need any help and just go away. I know that seem harsh but I was just overwhelmed.  Luckily this week I have had a lot of time to reflect on what really matters in my life and I put on a smile and let her help me cook.  What job did she do?  She took on the all important roll of cutting up green olives.  She used a butter knife and worked hard till every last olive was sliced up (ended up looking a little more like minced olives, but they all taste the same in the end…lol).

During dinner we made sure to make a big deal about the fancy olives and what a great job she did.  She beamed with excitement and loved all the attention.  That night when I put her in bed, she gave me an extra tight hug and said…

 ” Fanks (thanks) Mommy for letting me cut the olives, it was the best day ever”

I gave her an extra kiss and told her how lucky I am to have such a good little helper.  I shut the light off and walked out of her room SO grateful for the little moments in my life that make it all worth it.

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