Jamberry Buy 3 Get 1 FREE sale ~ how many nail applications can you get per wrap sheet

Jamberry buy 3 get 1 freeOnce you try Jamberry nail wraps and see how amazing they are your first question will be HOW MUCH are they. Jamberry has over 300 wraps most of them are priced at $15 a sheet, the price will vary if you live in Canada or if you buy the Colligate Wraps with your favorite schools logo, or design you own. With those few exceptions the other 300 wraps are all $15 for a sheet PLUS  you can really save by taking advantage of the BUY 3 GET 1 FREE sale.

If you re not ready to buy 3 and get 1 free yet…. grab a Nail Buddy and each pick out two sheets and you BOTH save when you place your order together and take advantage of the b3g1 free sale.  Another idea is to buy 4 sheets with a friend and then split each sheet in half…. so each of you will get 4 designs and a half sheet is still enough to do a FULL manicure and a FULL Pedicure, and have extra nails left over as accent nails.

Jamberry how much do they cost, they are fifteen dollars per sheet plus buy 3 get 1 free, eash sheet will give you at least 2 pedicures and 2 manicures


Are you ready to learn JUST HOW AFFORDABLE Jamberry wraps can be. Each wrap sheet will give you 2 full manicure and 2 full pedicures, PLUS extra nails for accent nails. If you have short/ medium length nails you can even get MORE, instead of cutting the wrap in half cut it in thirds ( Do not cut it till you measure your nails) which then gives you up to 3 full manicure and 3 full pedicures…. it all depends on the length of your nails and how you cut the wraps. The math on that ends up being about $2.00 – $2.80 per manicure or pedicure after the buy 3 get 1 free sale.  These wrap will stay on your hands up to 2 weeks and your toes 6 weeks.

Junior sets are made for smaller hands and come 3 rows to a page that gives you 42 strips, each one you cut in two… so on sheet is enough to do 84 fingers or toes!!!
Jamberry Nail Art Wraps, How many manicures and pedicures can you get out of one sheet of jamberry Wraps. Remember they are buy3 get 1 freeThis post contains  links to my independent consultant Jamberry Nail page. Price is listed per the official Jamberry image above, prices could change without notice, please also refer to Jamberry official page for prices.