Jello Cake Recipe ~ Blast from the past Birthday

How to make JellO Cake – Recipebirthday girl

 Here is a blast from the past.  TODAY is my daughters 8th birthday, yesterday she helped me make her JELLO CAKE for her birthday a tradition we started 3 years ago.  Oh how time flies and I can not believe my sweet baby girl is already 8.  This year she decided to change it up a bit and do one red cake and one green.  Since her birthday is on St Patrick’s day everyone who eats the red one gets a good ole PINCH from the birthday girl. She thought this was a hilarious idea.

If you missed the recipe we posted 4 years ago, here you go…. a blast from the past.


Yesterday was Mckeelys birthday and she wanted me to make her a green Jello cake.  My sister in law made Jello Cake for the first time a few years ago, and it has now become one of my kids favorites. Start off by baking a normal cake, we normally use a white cake.  Bake it and let it cool.  Then once it has cooled, take a wooden spoon and with the handle poke holes in the cake. The kids love this part!


You then need to make Jello.  I use 2 small boxes, which would normally make 4 cups of  Jello….but I leave one cup of water out.  So it only makes 3 cups of  Jello ( makes it a little more firm)  You need to pour the 3 cups of liquid Jello over the top of the cake…. Pouring it into the holes.


You then need to cover and place in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.


Once you are ready to eat, top with coolwhip…..Keep left over cake in refrigerator.  Maleeya was happy to lick the bowl clean!


My family thinks it is a fun way to eat cake…..hopes yours will too!  Makes for a nice cool summer time treat!