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It is New Year’s resolution time again. How did you do on your resolutions from last year? I tend to do great for a while and then downhill from there.

This year a big one for me is cleaning. I love a clean house, and it really does make a difference in our attitudes when our home is clean. I can tell a big difference for my whole family. My kids are all in school now, so I think it is realistically something I could do better at having. The problem is that the internet exists! Ok, I kid.  Mostly.  A little. I get on to check my facebook, or do some work real quick and the next thing I know I have wasted an hour. It is a vicious cycle really.

I do love a good list though. I love getting to check things off the list and feeling like I completed what I set out to do for the end of the day. I am hoping this schedule will help me to achieve that cleaner home. If you are a fan of lists and schedules, here is a printable version you can use. Cleaning schedule

I don’t plan on actually marking off this list, but if you choose to do that, you could laminate it so that you can ck as you go and not have to print it off each week.

This is catered to me. Since I work from home, I went a little easier on those days that I know will be busier than others. Monday is a pretty busy day around here, so laundry (folding any loads laying in the basket as well as washing sheets and towels) is a good fit for my Mondays.

You might notice that laundry is also on daily. Washing all of the laundry on one day a week isn’t a reasonable option for our family. I will keep up on loads through out the week, but having it on the weekly list is really for the bedding and towels.

I also love the idea of a catch up day because chances are there will be times I miss, that is just keeping it real.

Is keeping a clean home something you struggle with, or something you do easily? If your answer is yes, then you should consider hiring a deep cleaning service. You can find more info here.

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