Kellogg’s Peelie Coupons makes Cereal and PopTarts $1.49 each ~Albertsons

Before sale price or coupons this would have cost $62.88

I was able to get them all for $19.73 ( paid with 6 coupons for $1.00 off 2, and a $2 catalina coupons)

I had a weak moment…. I took my girl shopping with me and I ended up buying PopTarts.  They are beyond excited… silly little things.  But I ended up buying something I had not planned to buy.  It is so much easier to “stick to the list” when I do not have little ones asking “can we have these” every 5 seconds.    But $1.50 is a pretty good price, and they will be great to take on road trips and camping this summer.

Caldwell (stadium store) Albertsons has peelie coupons (ask a manager or a cashier for them) on many of the Kellogg’s products making them only $1.50 a box.  My stock up price on cereal is $1.00 or less but I was totally out of both of these so I got 4 boxes of each.

Before you shop make sure you check out this weeks Coupon Deals at Albertsons.