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  • Are you always looking for new recipes? Sign up for FlavorPrint to find your unique recipe recommendations based on yours and your families taste. It is a fun way to find recipes you and your family enjoy together. It is easy, you just click like or dislike as they show you a variety of foods and flavors, then you get your personal recommendations for tonight’s dinner!
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  • and get great recipe recommendations selected just for you today—and every day after!
  • FlavorPrint is a service that provides recipe recommendations based on your flavor and dietary preferences. Instead of searching for what to make for dinner, FlavorPrint will recommend what to make tonight and every day after. Create your profile, it’s actually a lot of fun!
  • Do you have picky eaters? Are you looking for fun new recipes based on the flavors and spices your family loves? Create your FlavorPrint profile and search no more. You can get great recipe recommendations based on you and your family’s tastes. The more you rate interact with recipes and flavors, the more exact your FlavorPrint recipe recommendations become!
  • Need new recipe ideas for your family? Take the FlavorPrint quiz, and you’ll receive carefully matched recipes that your family can enjoy together. The more you interact, the more exact your recommendations become, putting an end to all of your searching.

California style Garlic Pepper steak recipeLook at one of my suggestions for my family… Yep, they will totally eat this!!!

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