Milk Jug Ghost Lights ~ Thrifty Halloween Decor

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This is a repost from last year but I LOVE this thrifty Halloween tip, perfect for anyone on a budget that wants to decorate for Halloween.

Milk Jug Ghost Lights (A few years ago we made Milk Jug Ghost Lights. Here is how we did it…) attached is a pic. of when we did our Jug Lights a few years ago

-First you want to save 5-10 milk jugs (however many you will use) rinse them out and dry them
-Once they are dry use black permanent marker to make scary faces on the front
-Cut a small hole in the back of the milk jug
-Lay them outside or in your windows and put a string of Christmas lights in the holes you cut in the back of the jugs and you have cute Ghost Milk Jug Lights
(Total cost will be FREE if you save your milk jugs and use a strand of lights you have at home, if not you can pick up a strand at the dollar store)

Thanks  Streatching your Dollar$ Idaho