Moments I want to remember ~ Little Helper, Baseball games, 5k and old photos

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Mom I cleaned your purse out for you… There was a lot of junk in there. #LittleHelper #LittleStinker

moments I want to remember, baseball

He hit it on the first swing tonight… And got to play 3rd base and catcher. He sure has fun #specialNeedsBaseball #hypoplasticleftheartsyndrome

moments I want to remember, girls on the run 5kWe were up before the sun to get ready for the Girls On The Run 5k… Wish us luck 🙂

moments I want to remember, Matthew as a babyjpgFound this picture of my oldest son Matthew today. I had taken his feeding tube out for the day and wanted to get a photo without it strapped to his face. He was about 3 and very sick we were trying to get him strong enough for his the Fontain one if his major open heart Surgery. His face was swollen due to not getting enough blood flow his eyes always seemed wise and trying to tell his Mommy things would be ok. But I was always so worried about my sweet boy. Makes me realize how far we have come and how very blessed we are today. #heartMom #hypoplasticleftheartsyndrome #hlhs