My Hubby is Happy!

Before Sales Discounts or coupons this would have cost $62.94

I was able to get it all for $6.79

IMG_1444So last night after my kids were in bed I ran  to Albertson to try to get a few more double deals.  Plus I noticed my $10.00 catalina coupon expired in the morning, and I needed to use it.  So off to Albertsons I ran.  I wanted to get some of their petite sirloin steak  normal price $5.99 they have on sale for $2.99.  We tried these last month, when they were on sale and loved them.  Matt has been asking me to buy more all month.  But I told him I needed to wait for them to go on sale again.  So I got 4 large steaks ( they are huge  Matt and I share one).

I do not buy soda much, but at this price I could not pass it up.  We will be well stocked for the 4th of July!

Soda $6.49 on sale for $3.25

  • all of these are $3.25 a 12 pack or you can buy 5 at a time making them only $2.60 each
  • I had  $1.00 off 1 coupons on the A&W root beer and Sunkist
  • I used 5 coupon but I doubled 3 of them
  • Final price $1.00 each

My total was $16.79 after coupons but I then paid with a $10.00 catalina, so all I had to pay was $6.79.  Matt was happy to see me come home with Soda and Beef!