My sisters, a bunch of NUTS off the same tree #Family

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Sisters a couple of nuts off the same tree

Both my sisters live further away that I like, one lives in North Dakota and the other lives in Ashton, Idaho.  But this weekend I got to spend a day with both of them together.  We didn’t do anything to grand or exciting, we just spent time together, giggled, laughed and enjoyed watching our kids play together.  But it was awesome. It felt like home…. it made me feel safe and happy.  I am so very blessed to have sisters who love me, understand me and are still my best friends after all these years.

It has been a long time since we have taken the time to take a “sister photo”….. But I asked my sisters to take one.  None of us looked “perfect” but I told them in 40 years we won’t care what we looked like, we will just be happy we took the photo.  My older sister had been up with her new baby much of the night (she is one month old) and had been packing all all… no makeup and felt exhausted.  My little sister was all done up cute as always, but she is 5 months pregnant.  Me ,well my hair was a mess, no makeup and I still have a good 20 lbs of baby weight hanging on since my baby is only 4 months old.   But I absolutely love the photos, it will be a fun way to remember our day together… and help me remember we need to have a “girls day” again, real soon. sisters