My Thrifty Albertsons Deals

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Before Sale Price Or Coupons this would have cost $72.60

I was able to get it all for $3.30

IMG_4792This promos does not make you split up your items…just buy in groups of 10 and each set will take off $5 at the register.

I bought a total of 30 promo items to it took off $15, then I used 8-$1 coupons, 2-$.60 coupons and 4-$.35 coupons

My subtotal was then $4.40 plus $90 tax….I then paid with a $2.00 Survey code, which brought my total to$3.30

Which means I got 30 items for 11 cents each…a thrifty deal!

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Totino’s Pizza Rolls $1.00 only $.50 when you buy 10

Green Giant Box Vegetables with sauce $1.00 only $.50 when you buy 10