My Thrifty Clearance Finds

Walgreens Clearance
Normal price these items would be $19.96
I was able to get them for $2.36

pHisoderm Facial Wash
-Normal price was $4.99
-It was on clearance for $2.59
-I used a $2 “peelie” coupon right on the bottle
=Final price .59 cents

Secret Flawless Deodorant
-Normal price was $4.99
-It was on clearance for $2.59
– I used the $2 coupon from the 2/22 Sunday coupon insert
= Final price .59 cents
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My local store only had a few of the deodorant on the shelf, but they ?had over 15 of the face wash. ?Most areas clearance items at the same time, so If you are in the Caldwell/Boise area check for these clearance prices.

A Thrifty tip- ?watch to make sure your clearance items ring up at the clearance price. Today I had to bring back 2 items that did not ring up for the ?correct price.