No listing or transaction fees in our Marketplace

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Have you checked my marketplace lately? We’ve already been seeing a lot of interest in the holiday category!

In that holiday spirit, I’ve partnered with the Smarketplaces team, and for the holiday season (from now through December 31st) there will be no seller fees (outside of Paypal) in my marketplace. Our goal is to make it super-easy for you to share your crafts with our community, and for you to have a successful holiday selling season.

That means:   

  • No listing fees
  • No transaction fees* 

Sellers, this means you can keep more of the money from your sale. If you’ve already listed items in the marketplace, rest assured the reduced fee promotion will apply to your listings too, you don’t need to do anything.

Also of note, if you list items in my marketplace, your items will be included in marketplaces on blogs across Smarketplaces Parenting Network. That means your items will get exposure to more people.

Do you already have an online store (etsy, ebay, etc.)? We have ways to make double-listing your items easier! Just email for more info.

I hope this helps you to get the most out of the holiday selling season! START SELLING or Buying HERE