No Sew Valentines Bow Tie shirt ~ Easy ways to make Valentines Day fun

Valentines day Craft ideas, no sew Bow tie shirt for kids, fast and easy low cost and super cute!

No Sew Bow-tie Valentine’s Shirt

This could be made for a boy or a girl, but this cute little number is for my handsome kindergartner.  This shirt is a simple project and can be made by almost any skill level. My little guy is going to love this “fancy tee”, watch out girls he is dressed to impress.


  • T shirt
  • Polka dot fabric – fat quarter cut is more than enough.
  • Red fabric – I just used some scraps that I had
  • No sew adhesive – found in fabric departments, I’ve even seen it in Walmart
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Iron
  • Scissors
 Valentines day Craft ideas, no sew Bow tie shirt for kids, fast and easy low cost and super cute!
  1. Start by getting your bow-tie shape. Since I’m one for symmetry I simply did this by folding my piece of paper in half and drawing half of a bow-tie then cutting it out. It took a few tries to get the size and shape I wanted.
  2. Once you have your bow-tie, do the same thing for your heart shape.
  3. Following the instructions from your no sew adhesive, adhere your fabric to the adhesive using your iron -medium heat and no steam
  4. Do this for the polka dot fabric and the red fabric
  5. Using your bow-tie template trace onto the polka dot fabric and cut out
  6. Cut out a small strip to wrap around the center of the bow-tie as well
  7. Do the same for the heart template and the red fabric.
  8. Peel off your adhesive’s paper backing for the bow-tie and the strip.
  9. Wrap the strip around the center of the bow tie, making sure that the ends are on the back side. Place it on your T shirt where you want it to lay and use your iron to adhere it to the shirt.
  10. (Again, follow the instructions from your adhesive for temperature and time)
  11. Once the bow-tie is secure,  place the heart where you want it to lay and iron on.
  12. Finished!


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