Learn how you can be apart of helping people who are in need with our Chicken Orphanage Project or our A Thrifty Mom Bag of Rice Project . In 2016 we started helping a young man named Ikechukwu from Nigeria. Summer of 2019 we were able to visit his family in Aba, Nigeria. While there we saw widespread poverty and lack of basic needs. We also met a young man named Isaac, smart and hard working but could not find employment. After talking a bit we found he had built a chicken coop and wanted to farm chickens. We asked him if he would raise chickens for us that would then be donated to feed children in local orphanages. The only food or supplies they get are what are donated, so they often go without any source of protein. We would like to invite you to help meet one of those basic needs, by providing Nigerian families with rice or chickens. This gift will feed a large family for a few months, or a single person a year. It also reminds them they are loved, and brings most of them to tears… as a full bag of rice is one of the most generous gifts they will ever receive. You can also read about other families we have been able to bless here. Chickens are only available to purchase as once they are big enough to butcher, so if you see they are out of stock he is in the process or growing another flock. That is why we started the Orphanage donations so we can still help feed the orphans even if chickens are not yet ready. These donations go to purchase food, diapers, wipes, clothes and medications.

The following story talks about our visitation to NWAMAKA MOTHERLESS BABIES HOME, Babies supplies were donated, Thanks to Stacie Toombs, Freeman Family, Emily McCormick, Donna Kapotas, Janelle Prince And Ashley Kelley for your Generous Donations. 

It has not been an easy one for those selling in the market in this particular area because before they will bring out the goods bought my their customers, they have to call and pay all this wheelbarrow pushers to help them bring the items from inside market to outside gate for the owners to then receive them via this process as been shown in the above photo, the guy pushing out the supplies from inside market and when he was out then he have to call us through phone call to confirm first we’re the right owners of the items.

Then from here we have to get a taxi or higher any ride unless we came to the market with our own car then we proceed with our journey to the orphanage home to make the donations.


It was nice to be here again today been after we must have visited them with chickens, they were so much excited that this time wasn’t like before that it will take another month before bringing for them another thing, but on this time we did not waist time.

So after they must have received us, taking of photo and the rest, the kids prayed with us for all our good works, love towards them, care, etc before we then took our leave.