Other Mothers Winter Hats only $.80 each

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 Do your kids need winter hats?  I had to giggle the other day when I went to put a stocking hat on little Maverics head when we were out late.  I did not think he had grown much but last years hat looked ridiculous on him.  I guess his head got A LOT bigger..lol.   So if you have a bunch of “big headed children” running around make sure you have hat big enough to keep them warm this winter.  🙂

Best part is Other Mother/ Trendy Trades in Nampa has a huge bin of hats and they are only $.99 each (unless otherwise marked, there were a few that were $1.99).  BUT you can use this printable coupon for  20% any one single item this makes them only $.79 each!!!!!  Right now they have a huge selection, sizes will vary and the larger ones sell out first ( guess I am not the only one with kids with big heads lol)   they move quick so do not wait to stop in.  They also have all their winter coats and boots out as well!

Other Mothers/ Trendy Trades Nampa Store 20% any one single item (see exclusions)  9/1-9/30