Join our vacation and follow along. If you missed our Part 1 or Part 2 make sure you catch up! This is our story of our Seven days at Sea with Carnival Cruise lines…

So as we were walking around Key West Florida, I (Matt) noticed all of these familiar bags of styrofoam packages in plastic sacks leaving a little store hidden on the street. I took a step back to see what it is and noticed it was the same fun latin chicken  restaurant we found on our trip in Aruba. They had the same rotisserie chicken cooking, the same spanish rice and sauces to go on it. We were in heaven again. Not sure why they don’t have this all over the US, cause they are mainly on the islands and like 3 in Florida.

While we walked up and down the back roads of Key West we envied the banana trees in everyone’s yard. Oh how it would be to walk out side and pick a fresh banana!

These huge trees with their huge roots that grew down out of the branches. I think they are mangrove trees.

As we finished our sight seeing and boarded our Carnival Cruise ship we saw a Manatee swimming around the base of the piers.

Although it was warm walking around town with the sun out. As soon as we boarded, the clouds moved in. And up high on the top decks of the ship the breeze was a bit chilly.As we left the port of Key West that night there was a beautiful sunset out over the ocean that night. And now that we are all dressed back up we are ready for the dinner night entertainment as we watch our waiter and waitress sing and dance for us each night while we eat. Natalia from the Ukraine, and Nigel from India. They were so funny!

Stay tuned for our next adventure – our first day at sea as we travel around the western side of Cuba and head towards grand Cayman!

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