Our Vacation – Seven days at Sea

carnival cruise valor - Key West
Carnival Cruise Ship Valor – Key West

This week instead of a “Mommy Moment” I am going to write a “Wife Moment”.

Some of you might have noticed the voice of our site was just a LITTLE tiny bit different last week.  I have a confession to make…. I pre-wrote several deals for a week in advance then turned the WHOLE site over to Ingard and a few of our other helpers  (Katie, Melissa and Heidi) for the week.  For the safety of my family I did not want to announce to the world wide web that we were NOT home.  Matt and I attended a conference for bloggers…. but it also happened to be on Carnival Cruise ship.  So when we were not learning and networking we were having fun as a couple in the warm Caribbean sun. If you also want to experience a caribbean vacation, tap this link https://www.visitcaymanislands.com/en-us/experiences/popular-attractions.

I admit I used to judge others when they would go on  a trip and leave their kids at home.  It seemed like such a selfish act and I found myself saying things like “I would never do that”.  Well I guess it goes to show that you should never say never. Two years ago Matt and I won a trip to Aruba I did not even want to go. I could not imagine leaving my babies at home. But Matt literally drug me along and by the second day I started to have a fun.  By the end of the trip I was like a whole new person.  It was amazing what a few days alone with my hubby (without work or kids) did for our marriage. We made a goal to try and take a husband/wife vacation every few years. Even if it was just dropping the kids off at Grandma and Grandpas for a weekend… just something to give us some alone time.

So when we found out  there was going to be a Bloggers At Sea Conference it seemed to be the best of both worlds.   Once again it was VERY hard for my to leave my 4 kids and I even thought about cancelling the whole trip it crossed my mind almost daily.  But once again a week alone with my cute hubby was amazing.  It was so fun to talk and not have it about work or the kids. We laughed and just enjoyed one another.  Seven days went way too quick and I am pretty sure I could spend months on a cruise ship …. hey a girl can dream right? But I was also so excited to come home to my kids.

Stay tuned for more photos and even a few silly videos about our Carnival Cruise.

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