Paper Easter Egg Wreath

Paper Easter Egg Wreath

Hi! This is Katie. This Paper Easter Egg Wreath is a super versatile and customizable craft. You can make this with a your kids or make it fancier yourself. I had my 3 kids help me make these 2 wreaths. Since we are still quarantined because of the corona virus this was a fun arts and crafts time. My teen daughter and my boys who are 6 and 10 all had fun being crafty together and it was cool to see what they would come up with and what they put on their eggs.

First download and print off some of these blank Easter eggs.

The younger kid friendly route:

All you need is a few sheets of Easter eggs per child and a paper plate. You can make this more simple for younger kids by cutting out the center of the paper plate for them. Keep the outside ring for the wreath and cut out all the eggs before its time to get crafty. Don’t have a paper plate? I didn’t either! And I didn’t want to go to the store for just one item. So we took a piece of scrapbook paper/cardstock and traced a circle with a bowl. Then took a smaller bowl and traced it in the middle for a paper wreath.

Kids can color and decorate each egg. Since my kids are older they cut out their own eggs.

Next, glue them onto the paper plate circle. Tie a ribbon or piece of yarn in a loop through the wreath for an easy hanger.

If you want to make this with a bit fancier or have it look a little bit nicer than your preschooler’s, cut out the eggs and trace them onto pretty scrapbook paper. We attached the eggs to a simple paper circle made out of cardstock and then hung it on the wreath hanger.

Either way you choose these Easter Egg wreaths are pretty for your Spring decor!

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