Paper Flowers With Straw Stems ~ Great Kid Craft

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Paper Flowers With Straw Stems ~ Great Kid Craft

These cute, paper straws are a perfect rainy day craft to do with the kids!  Give them to Grandma for Mother’s day, or leave them on someone’s porch for May day.  No need to worry about them dying, and they can be admired all year long!

You will need:

Patterned or colored paper (great way to use up scraps!) Or order these, great size and spring prints that are so cute!

Green flexible straws



hole punch

I tried to freehand my flowers, but I just wasn’t talented enough!  They looked more like sad clouds.  I got a flower template off the internet by searching for “flower clip art black and white outline”.  I printed it out and used that to trace on the back of my papers to make a nicer shape.  I also made sure I had a different patterned paper circle for the center of each one.

Once your flowers are traced and cut, punch a hole in the center of the center circle before gluing them together (your flower shape will be too big to get the hole punch in the center).  I then used my scissors to poke through the flower shape once the two layers were glued together.

Slide your straw through, and rest the flower on the flexible grooves.  Then, trim the top portion of the straw (the part you would drink out of) off just before the flexible bends.  Add to a nice vase and there you go!  Cute decorations that are so much easier to keep then live flowers!

paper flowers ~ made with straws, #spring, #mayday, #may, #april, #mothersday, #mother, #easy, #kidcraft, #thriftycraft, #craft, #springcraft, #thriftygifts, #gift, #flowers, #flowercrafts

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