Pay It Forward Update

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Just wanted to pass along an update from one of our Pay It Forward Winners:

I plan to get some more stuff tomorrow then send photos and tallies tomorrow night.  So far I’ve gotten about $68 worth of products (at retail price)  and have $83 cash and $22 in RR — I started with $105 because an assistant manager at Walgreens donated $5 to the cause and still have $105 in cash and RR! 🙂 The mid-ad specials (if we get them here–Idaho Falls usually only get about half your ad) have a few free after reward which should add some more good stuff.  It’s amazing actually keeping track (I never take the time usually.)  Anyway we should do our first big drop by the end of the week and will have plenty RR and $ to keep on going 🙂

Thanks Again,