Peas in a Pod Necklace and Cousin Tee’s ~ Jane 3 day deals

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Jane has some amazing deals, and new ones are listed each day. They are only listed for 3 days or till they sell out, many of the “hot” deals sell out within a hew hours so you have to act fast.
peas in a pod mothers necklaceWas $19.99 – Now $6.99 – Peas in a Pod Necklace

These would be perfect for a Mothers Day gift, they will not ship in time but you could take a picture and print it off and tell her it is coming in the mail.  Or just grab one for yourself :).

Was $24.99 – Now $12.99 – Custom Numbered Cousin Shirts!

These would be awesome for family reunions or a group photo! For that price it would be hard to even make them that cheap!  Such a fun idea….it would also be a fun way to announce that you have a new little one coming… by making a #10 or whatever number comes next in your family, lol.

jumper tankWas $50.00 – Now $22.99 – Summer Tank Jumpsuit

I could never pull this off, but they are kind of cute!

Please note this post contains affiliate links. These deals Start Tuesday, 5/3 (end Thursday, 5/4).