Pick Up The Values ~ Great way to save with HIGH value coupons

pick up the value coupons and dealsMost of you know I had a baby last week.  The last 10 days has been full of baby snuggles, late night feeding, diaper changes, rocking, bathing, hugs and kisses and MORE snuggles.  Having baby number 5, I realize how fast they grow and I just want to enjoy every moment I can with her. She is just tiny only 6 lbs 7 oz but so stinking CUTE.

My older kids want to help in every way they can, they love helping with diaper changes and holding her.  My 9 year old has changed her diaper herself a few times, while my 4 year old feel AWESOME helping to throw the diapers away once I am done changing them. Does not matter what it is, they just love to help.

pick up the value coupons

With a new little one it means a few items are now added to my shopping list… Diapers, wipes, and pads (for me since I just had her) and those Scotts flushable cleansing clothes are pretty awesome too.    You know I like t0 watch the store sales and buy things when they are on sale, but to make those savings go even further I like to match a coupon with a sale.

You can get some REALLY HIGH value coupons from Kimberly Clark with the Pick Up The Values, all you have to do is long in or sign up.  It’s FREE and only takes a minute to sign up.  You can even let them know what products you are most interested in and they will let you know when new coupons come out for that item.   Here are the coupons that Pick Up The Values has to offer right now. WOW over $20 in savings just waiting for you to use on the items you are already buying!

You can also Pick Up the Values on Facebook  or on Twitter.  HURRY and grab any of these high value coupons you might use, and share with anyone who might want to save with these coupons as well. pick up the value couponsDisclosure this is a sponsored conversation with Kimberly Clark , all opinions are my own.  See our disclosure policy for more information..