Pinwheel Ribbon From Glittered Cardstock ~ Boy Scout Or Family Reunion Game Ideas

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Pinwheel Ribbon From Glittered Cardstock

I love pinwheels and think they are so pretty and with all the fun papers out there, there is a never ending variety of colors, ideas, and uses for them! Recently we had our pinewood derby for cub scouts and I wanted to make something different for our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners besides the trophy that all the contestants would get. So I decided to make giant ribbons out of glittered cardstock I saw at the craft store. ¬†They may be a bit obnoxious, but that just makes them perfect for a cub scout, right? ūüėČ They would also be great for Family Reunion prize ideas, if you play games or do awards!

You will need

pinwheel ribbon out of glittered cardstock, tutorial,  #award, #cardstock, #glitteredcardstock, #ribbon, #craft, #diy,#award

glittered cardstock


pen or pencil

glue (I started with a tape runner gun, but due to the heavy paper ended up going back over with a hot glue gun.  If you decide to use regular weight paper you will be fine with regular glue)

paper cutter or scissors

2 inch thick ribbon (I used black)

3 inch circles in desired color

Begin by cutting your paper in three equal sections. ¬†I used 12 inch paper and each section was 4 inches tall. Now, folding the glittered card stock is a little hard, and isn’t going to fold perfectly for you, but that is ok! ¬†These don’t need to be perfectly sized peaks and valleys to work. You can use your pen and ruler and on the back of the paper make 1-11/2 inch lines and try to fold on those. ¬†Just try to make sure that the ends have the non-glittery side where you will put the glue on to attach to the other sections. ¬†If you try to glue the glitter side, it doesn’t hold very well. This may mean that you will be trimming off one fold if needed, which is ok!

pinwheel ribbon out of glittered cardstock, tutorial,  #award, #cardstock, #glitteredcardstock, #craft, #ribbon,#diy,#award

Once it is folded, press it down firmly to help hold it.  Continue to do this with the other 2 strips of paper you cut.  Now glue them all together and allow it to set for a minute to dry. I had a hard time getting mine to lay flat, so you may want to glue the back of it to a small piece of cardboard at this point.

pinwheel ribbon out of glittered cardstock, #award, #tutorial, #cardstock, #glitteredcardstock, #ribbon, #craft, #diy,#award

As you see in the picture above I added ribbon tails to the back as well. ¬†I used 2 inch black ribbon and cut a “V” shape out of the ends. ¬†Make them whatever length you desire.

pinwheel ribbon out of glittered cardstock, tutorial,  #glitteredcardstock,#award, #cardstock, #craft,#diy, #ribbon,#award

On the circle that you are gluing to the front of your ribbon, you can put the words 1st,2nd and 3rd place if desired. These turned out great and the cub scouts really loved them! ¬†They loved how huge they were and that they were so “special”. ¬†Which is great for spending so little onthem!

pinwheel ribbon out of glittered cardstock, tutorial, #cardstock, #glitteredcardstock, #ribbon, #craft, #diy,#award