Power your Halloween safely with Rayovac

So Halloween is just a couple weeks away! Have you put thought into it yet? There is always a drive to show off our kids. They have so much fun and love running around saying “trick or treat”. Last year The kids dressed them self. Mckeely wanted to be a evil ballerina. Maleeya wanted to wear her tutu. Matthew wanted to use his batman costume, and Maveric was just cute in his eeyore costume that we picked just to keep him warm.

Maleeya loves to dress up and look pretty.

This year, since Idaho usually gets some form of heavy frost or snow by Halloween, we still needed to keep little Maveric warm. We found this cute monkey outfit at Other Mothers. He giggled when he saw it and when we got home dug through the bag till he found it. He ran around the house the other day wearing his new monkey outfit. It fits him because we have always called him “chunky monkey”.

But outside of the fun of costumes is safety and the decorations. Many people are thinking a little more about pumpkin safety. Not carving them, but lighting them. When I was young I remember smelling burning pumpkin as I went door to door trick or treating. Back then every one used candles, and they always seemed to dry out and start to char the inside. Every now and then I saw people pouring water on them to put out the char.

Why worry about that when you can use a candle that is safe and powered by a battery? And with coupons now a days that is so easy to do! And while you are out following your kids around the neighborhood, and the next neighborhood, and so on, you don’t have to worry about your pumpkins catching on fire. Just use a small LED flashlight or lantern from Rayovac!

It is so easy to use this lantern it comes with three of the AA Rayovac. It is the Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme Mini LED lantern. With a dollar off coupon on any flashlight you can pick one up for a thrifty price. I know these are in Walmarts and other major retailers nation wide.  So go ahead, carve your pumpkin and light it up and forget about it. You wont have to worry about the pumpkin catching on fire, and you wont have to come home to a dark dim pumpkin with the power that Rayovac batteries provide! This lantern can run for 35 hours continuously! Talk about trick or treating~ you could do your whole town and come home to the pumpkin still lit up!

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