Praying to be a super hero, fireman, or a garbage truck driver #MommyMoments

Super hero kids, saving the world #MommyMoments

The older I get the more I realize that it is the little things in life that bring me TRUE JOY.  It is the simple things like the laughter of my children, sweet notes left on my pillow from a 6 year old learning to use sentences in kindergarten.  Hearing my 4 year old pray for his friends and  also pray that he can still be a big boy tomorrow and be a super hero, or a fireman, or a garbage truck driver…. because in his eyes they are ALL amazing. .  It is seeing my kids be kind to others, or learning to make better choices when they have made a bad choice and seen the consequence.

These simple moments help make the ones where they are fighting or crying ….. all worth it.  SHOCKER I don’t have perfect children either, being a Mom is HARD but it sure is amazing too :).

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