Q&A- A Thrifty Mom paper deal



I am waiting for my subscription to the Idaho Press Tribune to end in July so I can sign up for the a thrifty mom coupon price.  But I am having a hard time waiting, and have not had good luck getting the papers at the store.  They seem to always be missing at least one coupon insert.  Do you have an suggestions?


This is a great question and I am glad you asked.  Before I contacted the Idaho Press Tribune about the getting multiple Sunday papers, I also would just buy them from the store.  But like you, many times they were missing inserts, or on the good weeks they would be gone before I could get them.  Plus it was such a hassle to run to the store, so it was hit and miss.  Which made it hard to have a constant coupon “stash”.

Here is the good news, if you are already subscribed to the Idaho Press tribune you do not have to wait for your subscription to end.  You can just add up to 6  Sunday papers for only .60 cents each.  So don’t wait till July, if you want more papers call today and you will have multiple papers on your door step this Sunday.

Another reminder if you are outside the Idaho Press Tribune delivery area, and you want the paper.  Remember to call Greg and tell him to put your area on the list.  If enough people from your area call then they will start a new delivery route. ( within a reasonable distance)  But they won’t know unless you call.

Last but not least, I am asked every day if  I really think buying multiple Sunday papers for the coupon inserts is worth it.  Or if just printing all of them from the internet would be better.  Well I have to admit for the longest time I did not want to invest in the Sunday paper, hello I am “cheep or Thrifty as I say”  it did not make since to me to spend $13.80 on coupons  a month when I could get them free off the internet.  Well the is the thing we all got excited about the $50 in Kraft coupons this week.  They were great, but Holy cow I used a ton of ink and paper so they were not really free.  For .60 cents a Sunday paper you get an average of $95 to 250.00 in coupons a week ( in one paper).  Think of how much ink it would take you to print that many coupons.  Plus it was only once I started getting the multiple Sunday papers that I REALLY started to save.

To read all the details on the A Thrifty Mom paper deal click here or call Greg ( one of the nicest guys ever) at 208-870-2784