Questions on the double coupons


I did this post last week.  I felt it was a good subject to review being that Albertsons has doubles again this week (and Hot Coupon World is reporting they will come out again on Wednesday ).  The wording on the coupon states that you can use 3 doubles per family per shopping trip.  Now here is the tricky part some store take this as 3 per day no exceptions.  Other stores take this as separate trips through out the day.  While some store let you walk out of the store, and walk right back in, or they even let you split your transactions up and pay for them all in one trip.  

So my advice to you is, walk right up to the cashier or manager in your local Albertsons, and ask them how they enforce the rule.  That way you know from the get-go how to plan your trips.  I have said it before and I will say it again….not all Albertsons are as coupon friendly as others.  SO be up front and ask….Do not argue with them, if they give you an answer you don’t like.  Just know that you have the right to shop at any store and most of us choose to shop at the “coupon friendly” ones.

Last but not least.  Think about the people in line behind you. If you have multiple transactions please limit it to no more than 3 transactions at a time.  SO you are not holding up the line for all the ” non-couponing shoppers” behind you.



I thought it says 3 double coupons per family per DAY! Not per trip. What does your coupon say? My Utah store coupons say 3 doublers per family per DAY….Why would a Idaho store “let” you do more? I am confused…are you saying the Idaho coupons have different wording (per trip) versus the UT ones saying per DAY? Or a worker let YOU do more? Please clarify further so I can understand. Thanks.


You can read the fine print above it says 3 doubles coupons per family per shopping trip.  Like I said before I only use 3 doubles at a time.  I do make several trips over the 2 days the doubles run.  If the wording stated other wise, I would then follow that rule.  It appears Utah’s wording is different? I hope this clears up any question you have on if I was breaking the rules.