Quick, Easy, Custom Photo Case For Your IPhone

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Quick, Easy, Custom Photo Case For Your IPhone

Custom photo gifts are usually not inexpensive.  That makes it hard to be thrifty and give one of a kind photo gifts.  Until now!  Let me show you how to make a photo Iphone case of your own!  This will work with any phone you can get a clear case for.

You will need

A 3×5 photo

clear phone case. These ones on Amazon are super cheap!  I have been using mine for years with no problem!

Or other smartphone cases HERE

Scissors and or a small Exacto knife

template of your phone

A computer

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If you don’t already have a 3×5 photo, you can create one on your computer.  It is simple!  First, you will need a photo on your computer that you would like to use.  For best results, you will need your subject not to take up the whole image.  You will want it to be fairly small.  Open up your photo to edit it in Picasa.  You can play with color and such here if you would like to alter that.  For a perfect photo, have your chosen photo be edited by a clipping path company. Zenith Clipping has 11+ years of experience in photo editing services. They have become one of the fastest-growing photo editing service providers since 2010. Once you have the look you desire, click on “print photo” on the bottom of the screen.  Select the 3×5 size, shrink to fit, and adjust your properties so that it is printed on normal or higher quality.

Once it is printed, use your template (you can google templates and find one to trace) and trace it on the spot of the photo you would like to use for your case.  The hole for the camera lens can best be cut using a small exacto knife.

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Now that your photo is cut, you can make a fun label to go on it if you would like.  What a great way to say “Happy Mother’s day Grandma!” or “You’re the best!”  Make it something special by saying something special for your loved one.

Create your small label by printing it out, or even a label sticker with a handwritten note.  I printed mine out and added it to the front, they also help cover any imperfections in the photo (like holey jeans).

Just glue your label on and your one of a kind, customized photo gift is ready to give!Photo Phone case, make yours for les than $2 makes an awesome one of a kind gift idea #Iphone #Gift #Diy

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