Readers Thrifty deal

Thanks to my reader Sarah H for passing along her thrifty deal,
Did this deal today and was quite proud of it…I was almost out of dish soap and glad to get a deal on some!
Albertson’s P&G Catalina scenario


This deal uses coupons from the P&G 8/2, Home Simple mailer, and a charmin coupon from an unknown source, maybe a sample? and is only good through tomorrow, 8/8. 


Numbers won’t necessarily be exact because I accidentally used 2 pringles coupons and didn’t catch it until I got home, so I’m not exactly replicating the receipt and I still haven’t figured out how coupons affect the tax because it’s never exactly what I figured out from the pre-coupon subtotal if I use catalinas!  But…here’s a close approximation:


 Buy 2 Pringles @ 2/$3 use $1/2 P&G 8/2

Buy 1 Charmin Ultra Strong 12 big rolls $6.99 use $1/1 (probably from mailer or sample)

Buy 2 Tide To Go @ $2.99, use (2) $1/1 tide or tide to go P&G 8/2

Buy 1 Dawn direct foam @ $2.29, use $1.50/1 from Home Simple mailer

Buy 1 Dawn plus hand renewal @ $2.29, use $1/1 from Home Simple mailer


Subtotal before coupons $20.55

Subtotal after coupons $15.05 + $1.24 tax = $16.29 OOP

Plus you get a $5 catalina!  (essentially 24.33% discount)



Pringles  $0.64 ea

Charmin $4.29

Tide to go $1.26 ea

Dawn direct foam $0.23

Dawn hand renewal $0.73




I also had a $1/1 Bounty from I think a mailer or sample, so if you don’t have the Charmin MC you could use the $9.99 Bounty 8 big rolls with the $1/1 and adjust the other quantities to get just above $20 pre coupons.