Rite Aid Shopping trip

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Thanks to Ingard for passing her thrifty shopping trip along!

This morning I went to Rite Aid to try to cash in on some of the rocking deals. They were out of stock so I got rainchecks and continued on my way, while I was finishing my shopping elsewhere I got a call from RiteAid that two of the three items I was looking for had come in that day’s shipment.
I was able to get this for $12.75 before tax and have 4 $2 UP rewards to use next time. I would have spent $114.21 with NO sales and NO coupons

Transaction 1:
2 purex 3-in-1 (B1 @ $7.99 G1)
4 Sucrets packs ($2.99 ea)
used (2) $3 off Purex
and (4) $1.50 off sucrets
OOP: $7.95 before tax (got back $8 in UP rewards)

Transaction 2:
6 Sucrets packs ($2.99 ea)
2 Purex 3-in-1 (B1@ $7.99 G1)
used (6) $1.50 off sucrets
and (2) $3 off Purex
and (4) $2 off UP reward bucks
OOP 2.93 before tax ( got back $12 in UP rewards)

Transaction 3:
4 Purex 3-in-1 (B1 @ $7.99 G1)
1 Cello Chocolate covered cherry~$.33 (as filler to be able to use another UP reward)
used (4) $3 off Purex
and (2)$2 UP rewards
OOP $.31

I still have four $2 UP rewards for next week they don’t expire for another couple weeks. I would encourage anyone to at least get the rainchecks today. I was treated very kindly by the staff and was helped to get through the transactions by a lovely lady who was VERY friendly and patient. I will have to get her name. I am $25.22 from $100 that would give me a $20 reward. I might have to take another look at the circular because it expires today!